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Seattle German Auto Center is a full service independent Porsche maintenance and repair facility located in Seattle.  Staffed not only by Porsche technicians but also Porsche enthusiasts. 

German Auto Center can offer a comprehensive level of Porsche knowledge and expertise at competitive rates.  We understand that your Porsche  is very special and an advanced example of automotive engineering. For that reason we insist in only the best available replacement Porsche parts and accessories.

Seattle German Auto Center is a one stop facility for any Porsche maintenance and repair work you might require for your vehicle.  We are equipped with the latest Porsche diagnostic equipment and special tools required for any job, small or large.


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We Offer Factory Trained Service for Porsche Vehicles Backed with Genuine Porsche Parts and Our Guarantee.

Every 20,000 MI (or 32,000 KM) 


  • Firewall and cabrio section: Check body drains for debris.
  • Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators
  • Vehicle lighting, Check Headlight adjustment. Check horn.
  • Tires, Check pressures.
  • Check vehicle underside and engine compartment for any fluid leaks. Inspect for damage; check underside panels for completeness, installation and damage.
  • Check clutch, steering, transmission, ParkAssist, automatic speed control, PSM switch, heating, air-conditioning system and instruments
  • Wiper/Washer Systems, Windscreen wiper/washer system, Headlight washer: check operation, fluid level and nozzle settings.
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter  
  • Replace Engine Oil and Filter
  • Diagnose/Test Data Link Connector,Diagnose system: read out fault memory.
  • Inspect Air Filter Element condition, Replace if necessary.
  • Battery: Check condition and electrolyte level.
  • Traction Control system, Brake hoses and lines for damage, routing and corrosion. Measure Brakes.
  • Cooling System: check condition; Radiators and air inlets: visual inspection for external contamination and blockage. Check antifreeze level and protection.
  • Doors, Hood, Trunk, door locks, lid locks, safety hook and internal trunk release mechanism (trunk entrapment) of front lid; Check to ensure they are adjusted and function properly.
  • Drive/Propeller Shaft: visual inspection of the sleeves/dust boots for leaks and signs of damage, also check center bearing for damage.

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